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Alcohol/Drug Screening


We offer drug/alcohol screening services to the public, commercial, and state facilities.

Most common application is pre-employment and Probation/Parole clients to ensure compliance with drug/alcohol usage policies. Our tests are done on-site and the results are delivered to you while you wait.

The most common test used by employers is the 8-panel drug screen which tests for:

 * Amphetamines

  * Opiates

  * Barbiturates

  * Marijuana (THC)

  * Benzodiazepine

  * Methaqualone

  * Cocaine

  * Phencyclidine (PCP)


A 10-panel drug screen is also available. This test includes the eight drugs above and Methadone and Propoxyphene.


Urinalysis can also be sent to our lab for a comprehensive drug analysis and legal documentation if required. This requires 3-5 days for results.

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