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Batterers Intervention (BIP)/

Anger Management


AA & Associates offers an intensive 28 week course to help the person gain knowledge about themselves and how anger can cause problems their life. Legal, alcohol/drug use, financial, employment, health, emotional maturity, interpersonal relationships are some main areas where anger can create problems.  Participants work within a group setting as peers in the group are a valuable tool utilized in this course. The 2nd week is to be utilized for the individual to complete their own self work required in this course.


Many of us do not have a healthy relationship with our anger. This course does not focus on the problem or on current theories behind anger; but rather time is spent on the solution and what the participant is going to do about it. The intensity of the course is created by the participants “getting real” with themselves. No more excuses.


This course supports change through self-examination, self-accountability and taking responsibility for their choices. Each participant will develop a tool box of healthy skills individualized for them to apply to their life. The key components addressed throughout the course are relationships, emotional maturity, communication, boundaries, perceptions/thinking patterns, stress, unrealistic expectations, power & control, self-pity and self esteem. Each individual is challenged to re-exam some of their beliefs, look at what changes they want to make, and the plan on how they will carry this out to have a healthier relationship with their anger to create positive outcomes in their relationship to others and themselves.



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