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  Formed in September 2001, A A & Associates began with an office in Louisville and later expanded to having an office in Carrollton.

  A A & Associates has served thousands of clients in the Kentucky area. We are constantly seeking to improve our abilities and expand our capabilities in the treatment of Alcohol, Drugs and other social issues that can have an adverse effect on people’s lives.

  We assist the Department of Corrections with outpatient treatment of individuals currently on Probation or Parole and have a history of Drug/Alcohol abuse. Alcohol/Drug Addiction is a major issue in Kentucky and here at AA & Associates we seek to provide quality treatment for our clients.

   Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service to every client and to effectively monitor client treatment plans, goals, and after-care programs to reduce the client’s likelihood of future DUI’s or other alcohol/drug related offenses.

   A A & Associates is certified under Kentucky regulations to provide services related to Out Patient treatment of alcohol and drug abuse, including DUI charges.

Our current office in Louisville is at 3038 Breckenridge Lane Ste 204.

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